欢迎来到十大外围足球平台, where some of the brightest students from across Birmingham, 全国各地, 在世界各地,通过生活来学习, 探索, and partnering with accomplished 教师 as part of a supportive community. Indian Springs was founded in 1952 with roots in the progressive 教育al philosophies of John Dewey, 谁启发了比较正规的足球外围网站的座右铭 在生活中学习.

Our boarding and day program for grades 8-12 serves 324 students on a 350-acre campus where nature is our inspiration and our laboratory. Students and 教师 work together in a model of shared governance, and students discover their passions by participating in academic 行为ivities, 体育运动, 表演艺术, 特别兴趣俱乐部, 以及社区服务. Indian Springs 教师 are dedicated to mentoring young people, and nearly all have advanced degrees. Our state-of-the-art classrooms and innovative independent study options enhance excellent teaching that opens doors to new ideas and possibilities.

比较正规的足球外围网站最知名的校友之一, 作家兼教育家约翰·格林,1995年, 说印第安泉是"一下子, I became a learner because I found myself in a community of learners.“印第安泉远远超出了比较正规的足球外围网站的校园. It is a passionate community of 校友, 父母, 和朋友 that spans the globe and generations. We invite you to imagine how you might be transformed by, 并为, 比较正规的足球外围网站不可思议的学习者社区.


在比较正规的足球外围网站的座右铭指引下, 在生活中学习十大外围足球平台培养了一种爱 学习和创造力, 正直和道德勇气, and an ethic of participatory citizenship with respect for individuality and independent thought. 



  • 包容

    We believe that in order for students to meet their full potential, they must be able to trust that their community accepts them for who they are. We strive always to be a community of inclusion that embraces and promotes diversity of background, 信仰, 和思想.
  • 无限的尊重

    We believe that strong communities are built on mutual respect and an appreciation for all, 不论差异. 作为一个支持学生的社区, 教师, 校友, 父母, 和朋友, we seek to foster and demonstrate limitless respect for one another, 比较正规的足球外围网站的校园, 比较正规的足球外围网站自己, 比较正规的足球外围网站的世界.
  • 创新思维

    在十大外围足球平台, we believe strongly that innovative 认为ing and creative problem-solving are critical to meeting the challenges of an increasingly global and competitive world. We value the f行为 that each of our students brings to the school community a unique set of interests, 信仰, 能力, 和激情, and we strive through our thoughtful and flexible academic program, 丰富的课外机会, and meaningful 教师-student inter行为ions to enable our students to grow as individuals and as independent 认为ers.
  • 完整性

    We value personal integrity and seek to develop in our students a sense of moral courage to make honorable choices, 无论是在教室里还是在教室外. 因为正确的选择并不总是容易的选择, we strive regularly to highlight instructive examples of integrity in thought, 词, 的契约.
  • 求知欲

    We believe that our students have the capacity to solve some of the most challenging problems that our world faces. Before they can find meaningful answers, they must learn to ask meaningful questions. We seek to foster in our students a lifelong love of learning and an appreciation for how much more we have yet to explore.
  • 参与

    自1952年建校以来, participatory citizenship has been a cornerstone of our 教育al philosophy. We believe that each of our students has a personal 责任 to continually shape and improve the school community. 参与 comes in many forms: taking part in student government and other 行为ivities, 参与课堂内外有意义的讨论, 积极与同事合作完成小组任务, and engaging in community-minded efforts that better 比较正规的足球外围网站的校园 比较正规的足球外围网站的世界.

事实 & 数据


  • 招生

    • 年级(日间和寄宿):8-12年级
    • 学生人数:326人
    • 走读学生:244人
    • 寄宿生:82人
    • 代表国:9
    • 代表国家:12
  • 学者

    • 平均班级人数:16人 
    • 师生比例:8:1 
    • 大学入学率:100%

    • 总:1432
    • 基于证据的阅读和写作:720分
    • 数学:670

    • 总体:31
    • 中文:31
    • 数学:28
    • 阅读:31
    • 科学:28

    • 参加考试的学生:190人
    • 测试数:437
    • 4分或5分:51% 
    • 3分及以上:76% 
    • AP学者:28人
    • AP荣誉学者:23人
    • AP杰出学者:39人

    • 国家优秀学生:3名
    • 国家优秀奖学金获得者(学校资助)
    • 全国优秀入围者:8人
    • 全国优秀半决赛:8名
    • 全国优秀生:6名
  • 认证

    • 先进的
    • NCA属于接近
    • NWAC
    • 囊属于接近
  • 教师

    • 学院人数:39人
    • 住校人数:22人
    • 高级学位:36
    • 毕业学位:12
  • 校园

    • 面积:350英亩
    • 湖泊:12英亩
    • 距离:
      • 伯明翰市中心:16英里
      • 伯明翰机场:21英里
      • 乔治亚州亚特兰大:155英里
      • 阿拉巴马州莫比尔:257英里
  • 会员资格

  • 学费

    • 日间学费:28,400美元
    • 阿拉巴马州住宿费:52,500美元
    • Domestic Boarding; $58,800
    • 国际寄宿:65,800美元
    • 已授予的经济援助补助金:1美元.700万年
十大外围足球平台, an independent school recognized nationally as a leader in boarding and day 教育 for grades 8-12, serves a talented and diverse student body and offers admission to qualified students regardless of race, 性别, 宗教, 国家的起源, 种族, 或者性取向. 位于印第安泉, 阿拉巴马州, 就在伯明翰南部, 这所学校没有种族歧视, 性别, 宗教, 国家的起源, 种族, 或者性取向 in the administration of its 教育al policies, 入学政策, 奖学金和贷款项目, 或者体育和其他学校管理的项目.

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